6 unusual jobs people do in India

When we search for jobs on newspaper or in any other job portals, we come across some familiar jobs. However, there are many unusual jobs in our country. Here is the list of 6 unusual jobs people have in our country.

Corpse photographs: Taking a picture of the departed at the Ganges, Varanasi, where people wish to go to perform the last ritual rites is now a trending profession. There, a photographer earns around Rs.1500- Rs.2000 per day

Ear cleaner: Ear cleaners are often found on the streets of all the cities. They have a limited set of tools carried in their bags. There is much demand for them in the leading cities.

Dentists: Roadside dentists can be seen in Mumbai and Delhi. They do all the things, which a dentist does. They rarely use anesthesia.

Mourners: Professional mourners are hired to cry at the funeral. They can be seen in the villages of Rajasthan. It’s an old-age custom too. They wear black dress resembling the situation.

Pet food taster: These people taste the food and note the readings. The people who are fond of pets are mostly recruited for this job. They assist the companies in flavoring the pet food.

Ball Inspector: In India, cricket is a religion. The ball inspectors check the balls before passing them to the bowlers in all the International cricket matches.There is much demand for ball inspectors globally.

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