Are the allegations on Vakada Appa Rao true?

The casting couch issue which has been brought to light by Sri Reddy recently is taking new turns. Initially, the MAA association denied the allegations and later on remained silent when she has provided all the proofs. Now there are more affected women joined her and revealing the names. The main allegations are on Vakada Appa Rao.

Many claims that he is a womanizer. He asked for commitment when asked for a role in Khaidi No-150. One of the co-director asked to remain nude when asked for a role in Bharat ane nenu movie, as added by them. They are demanding that the star heroes should interfere in this issue and solve it. Are these star heroes are only reel heroes. They should show some empathy. As their movies are involved in this issue, they should respond, as demanded by them.

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