Another milestone in KLIP: Wet run at Mallannasagar begun

Another milestone in KLIP: Wet run at Mallannasagar begun

The Telangana government has been another critical step towards the goal of making Telangana agriculture rich with the Godavari waters. The wet run has begun today to release water from Komuravelli Mallanna Sagar pump house, one of the most important phases in KLIP. The Godavari water released from Ranganayaka Sagar in has reached to Mallannasagar surge pool. Mallannasagar is the biggest manmade reservoir in KLIP with a 50TMC water storage capacity. Two important reservoirs, Mallannasagar and Kondapochamma, built by the Megha Engineering and Infrastructures Limited (MEIL). On a low-key event, the officials have begun the wet run on Tuesday Night. As part of this exercise, firstly water released from 1st Machine. Under the able guidance of Chief Minister K. Chandra Shekhar Rao, the project has been completed without any glitches in record time.

As per the initial plan, after filling the Mallannasagar reservoir water should be released to Kondapochamma reservoir. As the 50TMC capacity Mallannasagar works are still under completion, the water released from Tukkapur pump house’s delivery cistern. This water first reaches to pump house at Akkaram. Before reaching Kondapochamma reservoir, the water reaches to Markuk Pumphouse.

The majority of ayacut of KLIP is under Mallannasagar reservoir. The far away Baswapur reservoir also will get the water from this reservoir. Even Nalgonda district will get the Godavari water from this mammoth reservoir. From here the water reaches to Singur reservoir from this prestigious reservoir.

Mallannasagar pump house has 8 machines with 43 megawatts capacity. The water discharge capacity is 248.500 Cumecs. Over 1,25,000 lakh acres of ayacut in Siddipet and neighboring districts will get the irrigation water from Mallannasagar. All the tanks on the way to Kondapochamma also will be filled with the Godavari water.

MEIL has establishing pump houses with 63 machines with a total capacity of 3767 megawatts. Out of these 49 machines are continuously pumping the water. Another 12 machines erection works are at a brisk pace. MEIL is taking all the precautions to uninterrupted water pumping. MEIL has built the world’s biggest underground Gayatri pump house with eight machines with 139 megawatts capacity. The package-14 with 12 machines is getting ready to lift the Godavari water.

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