Apple filed patent application for long-range wireless charging

Recent reports say that Apple has filed a patent application at the US patent and trademark office for long-range wireless charging. This will let the users charge their phones by setting up wireless charging transfers. The US patent and trademark office published two patent applications from Apple relating to power transfers. Apple said that the system is configured to transmit the power over the link built with the wireless power transfer technology.

There is a buzz that it may be similar to over the air wireless transfer technique. Apple also filed a patent for a foldable device that can be opened and closed. If that is true, Apple becomes the first biggest company to manufacture the device with a flexible display. At present, all the devices have a certain region to be bent.   The wireless charging device developed by Apple may compete with Energies, wireless power developer which has been working on developing wireless charging technology since 2014. Apple has been working to improve the user experience and this will be another major technological development by iOS giant.

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