Apple is planning to add a new feature to MacBook

Apple MacBook New feature 

Apple has accessories to its market base which are related to iPhone mainly. It is now focusing on MacBook accessories. The recent news report states that Apple is thinking of bringing ‘crumb-resistant’ keyboard to MacBook. A patent filed supporting this launch is also revealing the same. MacBook has been the leader in the premium laptop category because of it’s secure and processor aspects. Now, this feature will prevent the crumbs and stop the dust spoiling the MacBook keys in the long run.

According to the summary of the patent, it will have ‘crumb-resistant’features. This works according to the keyboard movement. The keyboard mechanism will alleviate contaminant ingress. The keyboard includes a substrate, a key cap and the movement mechanism to direct away from the dust particles. The movement of the keys moves the dust to one place and throws away. This is one of the brilliant ideas made by the Company hardware team. Apple may make huge sum with this patent. The other companies may buy the license to add them to their devices.

Another news rounding is that, Apple may bring separate keyboards using the crumb-resistant technology rather than adding the feature to the existing MacBooks as that enables more sales. However, the feature is now in the developmental stage. Once launched, the users may feel the advantage in the long run. When MacBook sales are concerned, the sales may curve high with the launch of cheap MacBook Air in the latter quarter of 2018. The market share may rise by 10-15 percent after this launch. At present, 13-inch model is sold at a price of Rs.77200 in India and lasts till 12 hours.

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