Are opioids not good for chronic pain?

 Many people prefer opioid pills even for chronic pain. If the doctor says them to stop those pills and refer other,people are taking to their heart and even sometimes ending in agony. Opioid pills have become a part of many lives.Doctors prescribed those pills to their patients unknowing of the odd consequences. A study has been conducted on the effectiveness of opioids for chronic pain. The study was conducted by Dr. Erin Krebs with the Minneapolis Veterans Affairs Health Care system and the University of Minnesota declared that the effectiveness of Opioids on chronic diseases was lacking.

Although most people prefer these pills, there is no evidence supporting the cause. The research was done on 240 veterans who were suffering from chronic back pain and knee chronic pain and few of them were with intense pains. They made two groups of the total members and called them opioid and non-opioid groups. After six months, the non-opioid group reported that the pain was slightly less than the opioid group. There was no difference made with the use of opioid drugs and the opioid group has many side effects like constipation,fatigue, and nausea, as reported by Krebs in the report.

 if u take opioid pills

Another bad remark is that these drugs, when taken in certain quantities, get adjusted to your body and needs more of the drug after a period of time. These drugs have more disadvantages than the advantages, Krebs said. For those, who have just started using these drugs should stay away from these pills and those who are about to start should resort to physical exercise and look for other alternatives.

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