Aswathama motion poster: Intense and power-packed

The motion poster of Naga Shaurya’s next film, Aswathama is out now and it is a power-packed one.

The visuals that are shown in the start suggest that a person close to the male lead Shaurya is kidnapped. What follows later is a series of intense and power-packed incidents. The male lead tracks the culprits and related episodes are high on action.

Naga Shourya is pinning high hopes on this project, which is being directed by newcomer, Ramana Teja.

The high-octane sequences in the motion poster give an indication of the film’s plot and narrative.

The main lead, Shaurya looks dynamic. He is playing an out-and -out commercial role for the first time in his career.

Aswathama is being directed by debutante, Ramana Teja. Usha Mulupuri is bankrolling it. The film is nearing completion. Post-production is going on presently. Mehreen is the female lead.

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