Is Modi affected by Andhra Issue?

We have seen many instances in the history where the national parties got affected when they incurred the displeasure of telugu people, especially Andhra people in the past. The defeat tasted by the Congress party is one such example in the recent times. The people of Andhra and Rayalaseema completely wiped out the Congress party from the newly divided Andhra Pradesh. At present, the party is in recovery stage. Even the experts are unable to analyze the fate of the party in coming elections.

Now Prime Minister Modi is facing the wrath of the people of Andhra. He has shown bare hands to Andhra in the budget allocations. Now, TDP is out of NDA alliance. And the regional parties including TRS are against BJP policies and their
diplomatic decisions in the BJP non-ruling states. Uttar Pradesh election result is really a bolt from the blue to the BJP party. The image of the party got greatly damaged. This clearly shows the over confidence of the party.

Modi mania is losing its prominence. Nitish Kumar, the JDU chief is also against the alliance due to various reasons. He too brought the special status issue to the central governemnt table. Nitish is internally planning to fight against BJP against this. Special status issues across the nations have come become the new problems to the central governemnt. JDU is ready to move out of the NDA alliance, if BJP don’t announce special status to Bihar. This step will further weaken the alliance and wipes out the Modi mania completely.

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