filmy Black money for sexual favours

Everything is getting linked with aadhar and everything is getting legal. All the black money holders are in search of new methods in spending the it black money. All the bank transactions are getting tracked. Now they are spending the money to satisfy their sexual needs.

This might seem odd but this is the actual thing happening in the industry, especially in Tollywood industry. Recently, we have seen an actress who said that the casting couch is very much rampant in the industry. Supporting her statements, there are many facts coming out. Sources say that Star heroines are making more money than they do with the movies. Star heroes and big producers are spilling their black money on the heroines for sharing their bed for sexual needs.

Although, they say that there is no casting couch, these incidents prove that there is no end for such thing in the industry. Back stage is much more different than the real world scenario. TV debates are turning out to be a waste of time and they are made just for TRPs.

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