Bose Sound sport Free Wireless complete review

Earlier we have seen Apple’s wireless AirPods and has got the mixed response. Apple has created a buzz that there were no wireless earphones in the market. Other brands like Samsung has come up with the same idea with IconX and Motorola with Moto Hint. The smartphones making companies entered the audio devices field and created much pressure on them. However, there are few companies which have unique market share irrespective of the market share. Bose is one among them. It has come up with the Bose Sound sport Free Wireless device.

As the name indicates, it is for the sports persons and workout freaks in particular and to other music lovers in general. It was released into the Indian market with a price tag of Rs 18990. The deisgn would have been little bit good. It is surrounding the ear. It should have been a little bit smaller in size. But these earphones fits the ear very well. It may be irritating you for the first two to four hours but you get maintained after that. The color versions are in black, blue and bright orange. You will be given a Bluetooth antenna and the right earbud has volume controllers with a button in betweento skip the songs.

Bose Will not disappoint

Song quality in the Bose Sound sport Free Wireless is so good and will not disappoint you. There are LED indicators to tell how much battery is left. You can charge them using the USB cable provided with them. The Sound sports free focusses on bass giving thump feel. It has a volume-optimized EQ which makes Bose device to produce full music without missing even a minute sound. You feel that the sound is getting leaked at higher volume levels. The battery may last for 2-3 days of you are a moderate user. 15 minutes of charging gives you more than 30 minutes of runtime. Overall, you may feel that the device is a little bit overpriced.

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