BJP to face the consequences: Chandrababu effect

 Chandrababu Naidu has shown the effect of the south Indian states on the national politics. He made TDP MPs resign and started the war against BJP government. Now, TDP is out of BJP alliance. Many southern states are angry over the measures of Modi but Chandrababu effect initiated the movement. All the states are appreciating Babu’s moves. Now BJP is focusing on Karnataka elections. This election will have an effect on upcoming elections in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh and Mizoram.

That means Karnataka elections are goingto decide 2019 elections indirectly. This proves the strengths of Rahul and Modi. If Congress wins, Rahul wins the league and comesout of his image. But an interesting aspect is that Chandrababu is helping Siddaramaiah unknowingly. More than 70 percent of the constituencies are with Telugu people in karnataka.

They are all now against BJP, they may support congress party in this elections.Although BJP has very less chances of winning the elections, Amit shah’s sketch can’t be ignored. If BJP wins, the third front movement takes the pace. If BJP loses, it indicates the downfall of Modi.

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