Is Chandrababu going to retain 121 seats only ?

What is the opinion of the people of Andhra Pradesh? Are the people really against BJP? When a survey has been done on these aspects,there are many interesting aspects which are revealed. The elections results are not imaginary but the facts, as confirmed by the official sources.We all know that TDP is out of NDA alliance.

If TDP goes for elections, the party would be getting nearly 121 seats. Don’t worry. These statistics are before March thrird week. The situation is completely changed now. The support for TDP has been increasing graduallly.The point here is that, whether the voters are moving from BJP to TDP only or from YSRCP and BJP to TDP. This survey also confirmed that YSRCP would win 50 seats.

Pawan would win 3-4 seats. Pawan is indirectly benefitting by distributing the votes and damaging YSRCP. If the survey is done today, TDP would have crossed 140 seats and Pawan may or may not open the account. Jagan party would be in better position as the schemes announced by him are attracting more people.

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