Is Chandrababu paying for Nimmagadda’s costly lawyers?, asks Srikanth Reddy

Amaravati: YSRCP has said that the conduct of Nimmagadda Ramesh Kumar has been questionable which was proved beyond doubt on many occasions and said that they would respect the Governor’s order but many questions remain unanswered as of now.

Speaking to the media here on Wednesday, Chief Whip Gadikota Srikanth Reddy said that the TDP leaders are exaggerating the Governor’s orders to reinstate Nimmagadda Ramesh as State Election Commissioner (SEC) as per the judgement of High Court. Srikanth Reddy made it clear that they would definitely respect the Governor’s letter. He said that the State government decision remains within the purview of the Supreme Court and there is nothing like the victory to one party or defeat to the other. Though the role of an election commissioner is supposed to be impartial without any bias or prejudice, Ramesh Kumar was seen lobbying with leaders of political parties on multiple occasions.

As the hearings are going on in the Supreme Court, the State government waited for the judgement, but meanwhile, Ramesh approached the High Court alleging that the government is not reinstating him as SEC. Srikanth Reddy said that Ramesh Kumar should question himself whether he is suitable for that post or not.

People are watching the political conspiracy plotted by Naidu against the government, and they have already witnessed the videotapes of the Ramesh Kumar secret meeting with Naidu’s close aides YS (Sujana) Chowdary and Kamineni Srinivas at a star hotel. He challenged Ramesh Kumar to reveal the people who were paying the fee for his high-profile lawyers and said that Chandrababu Naidu must be taking care of his costly lawyers.

The Chief Whip slammed Chandrababu Naidu for trying to create hurdles in the path of development. He said that democracy shall prevail at all times, but Chandrababu acts like a dictator, where he ruined the State during his regime leaving all the welfare activities in thin air.

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