Is Chandrababu willing to join Congress alliance ?

BJP leader Somuveerraju claimed that Chandrababu Naidu is in talks with Sonia Gandhi on Congress alliance. He is trying to affect BJP in Karnataka elections. He is in fear that the BJP would ask more number of seats in 2019 general elections. In 2004, beacuse of Chandrababu, the Vajpayee government went on elections and faced the defeat. Seeing the corruption in the state, the foreign banks are refusing to offer loans to the state.

Now the TDP governemnt is taking laons from national banks. Chandrabau is focussing on Amaravathi leaving Rayalaseema and Uttarandhra. He is treating them as slaves. He should release a white paper on the funds allocated to all the regions. In TDP, an MLA is behaving as an unofficial home minister. Home minister is visiting DGP and that MLA is asking DGP to visit his office. Both the deputy CMs are turned to be a dummy. Deputy CM KE is not in a position to transfer a RDO, as said by Somu Veerraju.

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