A Swedish company initiative Chatting with dead people

Chatting with dead people

Chatting with dead people in swedish, You might be wondering after reading the title. You heard it right. A Sweden funeral agency named Fenix is planning to arrange chat sessions with the dead people.For this, the Swedish company is using the artificial intelligence, one of the much demanding technologies in the present world. This process doesn’t involve in designing a sophisticated robot but the chats can be initiated with the chat bots. The idea came from the company work itself. The company chats with it’s customers regarding the last rituals. All the customers think that they are chatting with a real person, but they are replied with a chat bot.

 Taking this as a base, the company is designing the chat bots, as said by Charlotte Runiouss, the CEO of Fenix. She said the the mechanism will be active very soon using the present sophisticated technology and the customers would feel that they are chatting with a live person online. A similar technology was developed by a Russian programmer named Ujeena earlier. The programmer claims  that she chatted with her dead friend using this method.

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