Delhi citizens need 5 oxygen cylinders a day

Delhi citizens need 5 oxygen cylinders a day.Experts say that rise in pollution levels in the National Capital Region, Delhi could lead the citizens to carry oxygen cylinders with them while walking out. They need air filters in their homes. Recent studies reveal that the alarming pollution levels in Delhi decreased the lungs immunity levels, increased allergic patients, increased strokes, heart diseases, cancer and acute respiratory diseases.a

Pollution in all the metropolitan cities is far higher than the permissible limit set by WHO. In Delhi, it is reaching new high regularly. Environmentalists are suggesting the following measures to be away from the harmful effects of pollution. People should avoid going outdoors. Air purifying plants should be placed at home. Air purifiers should also be used to reduce indoor pollution. There should be a chimney in the Kitchen and exhaust in the bathroom. Fruits rich in Vitamin C should be consumed in large quantities. Have herbal and Tulsi tea.

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