Grand alliance in 2019?

Samajwadi Party made a grand come back after losing badly in the last assembly elections. The party recovered completely and won Lok sabha elections throwing the ruling BJP party. This helped the other parties especially congress party to analyse the BJP power in various states. Political analysts are feeling, there might be a grand allaiance forming under the leadership of Congress party for 2019 elections. Supporting this, there have been interactions between various parties after the results of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar by-elections.

The election results gave much-needed strength to all the regional parties in forming the Grand alliance against NDA, as added by Majid meman, MP from NCP(Nationalist Congress Party). He also revealed that Sonia Gandhi and NCP chief Shard Pawar are working on it.  Rahul Gandhi spoke with Shard pawar and now he is planning to meet Trunamul congress chief Mamatha benerjee to discuss the great alliance. Jammu Kashmir former chief minister also confirmed the same. Samajwadi Party leader Ram gopla yadav reamined silent over these developments. He asked the press officials to wait and watch. Bahujan samajwadi party supported SP in the lok sabha election and helped them in winning the elections.

Akhilesh Yadav wants this friendship to be continued. There used to be a tough battle between SP and BSP. Now, they are together to defeat BJP.The constituency which was won by UP CM Yogi Adityanath has been lost in the elections. Akhilesh went to Mayawati’s house to thank her. He made few statements supporting Rahul Gandhi. This could further strengthen the Great Alliance. Sharad Pawar is organizing a meeting with all the regional parties for Grand alliance, the news is that Mamatha Banerjee is attending the event. But recently, she gave her support to the third front.

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