Nandamuri Harikrishna supports Chandrababu Naidu’s decision

One has to impress Chandrababu Naidu to sustain in Telugu Desam Party. Everyone has to support his decisions. If not, the position of the concerned, will not be well. It seems that Harikrishna wants to be active in politics again. Recently made a statement Harikrishna supports TDP chief’s decision of coming out of NDA alliance and passing no-confidence motion regarding the special status issue.TDP party was established on the grounds of preserving the self-respect of Telugu people.

Chandrababu, now made a wise decision in doing the same, as said by Harikrishna. But the question is that, why Babu placed the self-respect of Telugu people at the Modi’s discretion. Where was he all these days when the agitation had been going for special status and poor allocation of funds in central government budget? Harikrishna has been in the silent space all these days. Suddenly, he is making all the headlines stuff to gather the attention.  Till the recent times, TDP has been nominating him for Rajya Sabha. Due to his internal politics, he has been separated by the TDP higher cadre.

Now, he is not in the active politics. He did not respond when the relation between Pawan Kalyan’s Janasena and TDP were good. Now, Harikrishna is thinking of comeback as there is a void space now. He made these statements when Pawan attacked TDP party leaders including Nara Lokesh on his corruption. Political analysts are thinking whether Jr. NTR would enter the scene to bridge the gap which was made by Pawan Kalyan earlier. This is turning out to be another big issue after Pawan’s controversial press meet. Seemandhra politics are taking a turn every day with the Janasena-TDP war.

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