Has that writer been under compression?

He is one of the upcoming writer. He used to write for comedy movies and now he is working on writing for commercial scripts. One of the star heroes liked his story for his come back movie. He plays dual role in which he plays both hero and villain roles. He decided to produce that movie under his banner.

The star hero felt like taking a risk with that young upcoming writers and took the assistance of senior most writer. The hero also took the help of the senior director who is making horror movies one per year. The two heard the story and decided that the movie would flop if made in that way. They made changes and converted the script such that the villain role which should start from interval is now arriving a the last hour.

The young writer made the ordered changes. As the movie got released during high competition, the movie did not make good fortune. Sources say that the director is feeling that the duo who entered later changed the fate of the movie completely.

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