Her seamless work flow, smooth synergy helped YSRCP win

YSRCP’s stupendous victory did not materialise out of thin air. It is the result of years of toil by several bands of dedicated workers. Especially, the role played by the social media team is worthy of special mention. The digital media teams have played a key role in exposing the TDP machinations and highlighted the policies and programmes of the YSRCP and its chief YS Jagan. The dedicated social media teams had fought the information and perception war in a coordinated and smart manner. Digital team head and YSRCP official social media head Divya Reddy’s stunning role in this information war is priceless.

Thanks to her efforts, the digital soldiers of the YSRCP succeeded in exposing the U turns of Chandrababu Naidu and the acts or omission and commission by the ruling party. She exposed Lokesh Babu’s goof-ups and gaffes on time and took the battle to the rival’s court. Well-timed and well coordinated counter attacks have left the TDP propaganda machinery thoroughly benumbed. This has helped turn the people against the TDP misrule.

Divya Reddy has also played a very crucial part by coordinating with the Prashant Kishore team on a regular basis. She helped Prashant Kishore, who does not know Telugu, understand the socio-cultural and political nuances of Andhra Pradesh. She thus helped PK in understanding the mind of the Telugu voter. The perfect synergy between the digital and the PK team has ensured the creation of a positive and favourable buzz for the YSRCP.

Divya Reddy took the social media campaign to the booth level by creating thousands of Whatsapp groups and adding lakhs of YSRCP activists. This helped in the fast dissemination of information. From assembly constituency level to the polling centre level, she created an effective hierarchy that helped in a multi-way communication in the party. All this helped the YSRCP garner people’s support in a big way and drown the TDP misinformation in a sea of truthful, factual and right information flow.

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