Here is the Proof: CBN Digital Mafia

Nara Lokesh has been extremely vindictive over those who are criticising him or pointing out his gaffes on the social media. Lokesh has already emerged as the biggest source of entertainment on the social media. His comments, his gaffes are proving to be wholesom entertainment for the netizens.
Instead of correcting and improving himself, he is trying to attack those who are pointing out his follies. He is trying to foist cases on such activists. He is now targeting the social media activists belonging to the YSRCP.
The latest buzz is that he has entrusted the responsibility of identifying , tormenting and removing the social media accounts inimical to him to a company aptly titled Remove, Bury, Suppress. This has been going on for the last three days and he has now increased the pace. He is using the company to identify those opposing him and is trying to remove or block such accounts. This is nothing but snuffing out the democratic dissent.

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