Merrchant is simplifying the operational needs of businesses

Merrchant for software solutions 

Merrchant, a bootstrapped company is providing the software solutions to simplify various processes. Merrchant, a bootstrapped data management company is simplifying the operational processes of the company by developing a software which would help the enterprises in maintaining various online accounts, without logging in everytime. The information is secure and minimize the efforts taken by the company in maintaining the databases and accounts. Navrajvir Singh Chhabria, one of the founders of Merrchant is betting big on this software solutions.

The company is planning to focus on small businesses to large corporations. Unlike other software providers like Zoho and Xero who has difficulty in integrating the business operations will be filled by Merrchant,says Navrajvir, the co-founder of the company. The customers of this company, need not maintain separate platforms for different departments like accounts, human resources, bills, invoices and customer relation management. All the processes can be integrated on a single platform. This reduces the data transmission and time.

Merrchant platform relies on a cloud platform. The data entered by the users is stored on the cloud, it is processed and retrieved whenever is needed. The software solutions provides real time analysis. Merrchant is free for a user and the company makes money through adsense and data processing. Adsense is paying Rs. 0.26 per impression. Increase in userbase increases the revenue of the company. The major competitors of Merrchant are Zoho, Xero and Freshworks. The team is planning to get an app. The app will be having all the options which are provided on web based platform.

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