1,10,000 condoms for South Korea Winter Olympics

Seoul, South Korea is getting ready for Winter Olympics and the athletes need some serious protection i.e., Huge condoms and plenty of them. Convenience Co, one of the leading manufacturers of condoms in South Korea is donating 1,00,000 condoms which are made of latex rubbers to the athlete’s village and Korean Association for AIDS prevention is sponsoring another 10,000. Although the number looks high for normal people, the number is very small when compared with the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio where the number was 4,50,000.

south koreans condoms show

sexual revolution in Winter Olympics

 There has been a movement among South Koreans regarding sexual revolution in Winter Olympics because of the social media.This incident gives a picture that South Korea is a socially conservative country to begin changing their inhibitions. Hyeouk Chris, a Boston University professor feels that this is a great time to have an open discussion regarding sex among the South Korean adolescents. According to the recent study, half of the nation’s youth have reported engaging in sexual encounters in their teenage. The survey was published in a report in the Journal of Social Service research, co-authored by Hahm.

Hahm claims 

This study proved that sexual knowledge in the teenagers is poor. They are ending up involved in the unhealthy sexual activities and sexually transmitted infection acquisition. Hahm claims that even now, people hardly dare to speak about sexual health openly in public. South Korea has the lowest fertility rates and has one of the biggest abortion rates in the world. Convenience Co claims that providing free condoms is an honor to the company. The company claims that athletes go healthy after the tournament. When we trace back, the condoms were freely distributed in 1988, the summer Olympics in Seoul as an effort to reduce the spread of HIV. The condom vending machines have been increasing in the recent times.


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