India joins the list of vacation deprived countries globally

As per the survey conducted by travel agency Expedia, India stood 5th in the list of vacation deprived countries following South Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong and France. Norway is the least vacation deprived country.This survey revealed that most of the Indians have not opted for a holiday due to many reasons. Some can’t afford to take a holiday while some are not getting leave sanctions. Few of them are saving for a long holiday in the future.This survey revealed some interesting facts too.

55 percent of Indians feel that their productivity is impaired by not opting for a vacation for a long time. 64 percent feels, they are more focused and determined after coming from a long vacation. 97 percent of Indians are ready to give up even social media and television to get an extra of vacation. This survey clearly picturized the work pressure on Indians.Studies say that a holiday and complete segregation from work at least twice a year refreshes the body. This is very much essential to maintain work-life balance. Multinational companies should try to offer vacation leaves to employees to relieve them from stress.

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