Indian stars in foreign love

 Love has no boundaries. This has been proved in many stories. But now this is happening in Indian stars’ lives with foreign love. Shriya saran recently married to Russian tennis player and businessman Andrew koshew. In the past too, these incidents happened. In 1958, Shashi kapoor married England model Jennifer kendal and created a buzz across the country. There have been rumours that Salman Khan has dated Lulia lathur.

Punjab Kings co-owner Preethi Jinta married an American Genie gudinef. Celina jaitley who shared the screen with Manchu Vishnu in Surya movie married Peter hogue who belongs to Austria. Lisa Ray also fallen foreign love. she married Jason dehny of Lebanon. Now shruthi hassan is attending all the local functions with her London boyfriend Micheal corsal. Kim sharma, khadgam fame is living in Kenya with her husband Ali punjani.

Ileana is in the relationship with Australian photographer Andrew nibon. All these examples proved that there are no constraints in love. These foreign affairs exist even in politics as well. The political affair of Rajiv gandhi is well known all over the nation. But political leaders live in the headlines and people come to know every part of their lives. The movie stars segregate themselves from the limelight when their personal life is concerned.

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