Keep your technology safe in New Year with these techniques.

Everything is turning digitally. Advancement of technology deserves an applause but the year 2017 was a victim of major cyber-attacks. The year 2018 is going to be technologically more advanced. You need to follow certain steps to be secured in the digital arena. Update your software and be away from outdated and pirated software. They are more prone to cyber-attacks. The hackers can easily access the systems with this.

Keeping your PC/ Laptop/ Smartphone updated is the key factor. Use a VPN by subscribing to a virtual private network. This can safeguard your online privacy. This can prevent internet service providers from selling your browsing history to advertising companies. Delete unnecessary apps from your smartphone.

This can save you from running out of memory, data and also from vulnerable attacks. Before deleting them, sign-out from the apps. Protecting the hardware is also important. Invest in good screen protector or screen guard. There are companies which offer you free screen replacement by paying a premium every year. This is like buying an insurance plan to your smartphone. Please check the terms and conditions before investing.

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