How Koinex is leading the crypto trading in India

Koinex crypto currensy trading

Koinex is providing an option to trade in various crypto currensy in our country.Whenever we come across the term Bitcoin, cryptocurrency strikes our mind. Many of our friends might have made huge profits by investing in this ‘genie’ money. Koinex, this company needs no introduction if you are aware of the other crypto currencies like Ripple, Litecoin, Ether, Request, Golem etc. Many trading companies are providing an option to trade only in Bitcoin. But with Koinex, the Mumbai based crypto trading company, you can trade with all the currencies mentioned above. This is Unique selling point of the firm.  

With the rise of crypto currensy awareness, many investors are looking for a right firm to trade on. Koinex,helped them in diversifying their investment. With single account, the investors or traders can invest in multiple crypto currencies at the same time. It was founded by Rahul Raj, Rakesh Yadav and Aditya Naik.While the former two are from IIT, Aditya Naik is from BITS Pilani. The trio have researched on Blockchain technology which is the basis for cryptocurrency.

Koinex initial step

Koinex, initially formed as a peer-to-peer exchange model, operated by Discidium Internet Labs Pvt Ltd, incorporated in July, 2017. To get started on Koinex, one has to submit their KYC details and after that they will be given a Koinex account. The investors should load their wallet before purchasing. First, the seller places his bid followed by a buyer. If the two are in resonance, the order gets executed and the transfer of crypto-asset and money takes place. The charges are in the ranges of 0.15, 0.20 and 0.25 pecentages on the trading volume.

This percentage is determined by their traing history during the last 30 days.Koinex has been funded by Beenext and Pantera Capital. This has helped the company to expand their portfolio.At present, Koinex has become one of the biggest players operating in our country. Their major competitors include CoinSecure, Zebpay, Bitxoxo, BTCXIndia, Unocoin and Bitindia. Now the team is working on adding few more crypto currencies to their portfolio.

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