Latest update about Malli Malli Chusa

Malli Malli Chusa is one among the umpteen films that are coming with young leads in Telugu Cinema but the dirctor, Hemanth Karthik promises that this one will be a breathe of fresh air.

He said, “We cannot suffocate ourselves in a world that doesn’t acknowledge our freedom. If free will is not encouraged and ignored constantly, we find ourselves in an environment where people are always negative and aggressive.

We are telling the story of youth who ignore the chain of command and live their life free of any kind of suppression. Love blossoms when such people meet and if you try to suppress true love it will guide its way to success!”

Anurag Konidena is being introduced as a lead actor with Swetha Awasti, Kairavi Thakkar as female leads. K. Koteswara Rao is producing the film. Talking about the film, he said, “We need a society to be filled with beautiful thoughts. Our film represents such positivity and beauty. We are finishing the post production works soon to release in first week of June!” Sravan Bharadwaj is scoring music for the film.

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