“Maha” donation to fight Corona in Maharashtra

The Megha Engineering and Infrastructure Limited (MEIL) is in the forefront of the fight against the deadly Corona virus and has proved time and again that it would not remain a mute spectator when the country is challenged by Corona virus. It has already donated handsome amounts to the twin Telugu states. Now, as part of its endeavour to help the country defeat Corona, it has come forward to announce donations to several other states.

The MEIL has already donated Rs 5 crore each to Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, Rs 2 crore to Karnataka and Rs 1 croe to Odisha. Now it has announced Rs 2 crore to Maharashtra. MEIL management will soon present a cheque worth Rs 2 crore to the government. It may be recalled that Maharashtra is registering a large number of Corona positive cases. Hence, the MEIL donation is not just timely, but also is a huge relief to the embattled state. Several persons have lauded the endeavour of MEIL.

With the whole nation under Lockdown, the public transport has been badly hit and industrial units, business houses and commercial endeavours have come to a grinding halt. As a result, those who eke out their livelihood as dailywagers are among the worst hit. To provide succour to them and to aid and assist the medical, police, health and media personnel who are toiling 24×7, MEIL has been striving incessantly. These efforts have been lauded and appreciated

MEIL is discharging its corporate social responsibility and is proving that not every corporate endeavour is aimed at garnering profits. MEIL’s efforts are now emerging as inspiration to other corporate organisations to do their bit in the fight against Corona.

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