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We need new political power: Pawan Kalyan

Janasena chief said that We need new political power.He had no faith in the protests which were being run by TDP, YSRCP and BJP parties. They are taking the victim role to escape from the present situation. When Delhi CM Kejriwal came to support the protest, all these parties behaved with carelessness.

The Prime Minister of the biggest democratic nation, Narendra Modi is protesting in a desperate manner and this is not at all good for this country. TDP, YSRCP and BJP parties are playing political games regarding special status. Holding the no-confidence motion is the best example for this. We are looking for a new political power which can justify all the needs, as said by Pawan Kalyan.

The roots of the new power should come from the district level. All the parties with the similar ideologies should come and take a new stand to move on with the present political scene. Janasena is supporting Special status fighting committee along with CPI and CPIM parties, further added by Janasena chief. Interesting to hear about the third front from Pawan Kalyan. But the question here is whether the party is taking this step for the special status or it continues till the 2019 general elections.

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