On the campaign trail with YS Jagan

Who were all those who accompanied YS Jagan all along his campaign for the last 20 days. There were four people. Here’s a lowdown on who they are and what their responsibilities were.

GVD Krishnamohan: Incharge of the media affairs of the party. His brief is the keep YS Jagan abreast of all developments, media news, coverage etc. He would also analyse the developments and prepare points for Jagan’s speeches.

Talasila Raghuram: He has been the mainstay of the party programme execution right from the inception of the party. He played a pivotal role during the Odarpu Yatra, Vijayamma’s bypoll campaign and padayatras of Jagan and Sharmila. He was the campaign coodinator during the present and the past assembly electiions.

KNR: He is YS Jagan’s personal secretary and accompanies Jagan always. All the three were with Jagan even during the last elections.

Trump Avinash: He is member of the electioneering team of Donald Trump. He is now part of Jagan’s strategy team. He and Prashant Kishore monitor the campaign trends for the party.

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