is Pawan Kalyan getting ready to go on fasting?

Is the Janasena chief, Pawan Kalyan getting ready to go on fasting? Is Amaravati going to be the venue to that new political direction? Is the planning going on? The answer is yes from the internal sources. We all knew that Pawan has announced that he is ready to go on continuous fasting for the special status during Janasena party formation anniversary meet in Guntur.

The internal staff of the party is going to meet both the communist parties on April 4,5,6. The party is thinking of summing up all the voluntary organization’s support. This process may take at least 15-20 days. The complete arrangements may be completed by the end of April. This would help Pawan to go on fasting from May 1st i.e., Mayday. Janasena party members are going to finalize all the details in the upcoming meetings which are going to be held in Vijayawada.

As the general elections are nearing, this fasting may heat up Andhra Pradesh political war. The stand of YSRCP is going to play a key role in this issue. As Pawan Kalyan getting ready is against YSRCP, the party may or not support this initiative. Recently, we have seen that Jaya Prakash Narayan is unhappy on the proceedings of Pawan. He expressed his displeasure in front of the media.

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