Pawan Kalyan’s attack on TDP continues

Janasena Party Chief Pawan Kalyan’s attack verbal attack on TDP, the ruling party of Andhra Pradesh. Till the recent times, Janasena has been in the alliance with the TDP. Suddenly, Pawan increased the dose and posed straight comments on AP CM Chandrababu Naidu’s family. His comments on Nara Lokesh shocked the TDP leaders. Now the TDP leaders are in their work to find a new way to criticize Pawan Kalyan. And now at Guntur, he questioned the government regarding the break out of diarrhoea due to the consumption contaminated water.

Pawan Kalyan's attack on tdp continuously

Pawan Kalyan visited the patient’s ward and spent some time with them. After that, he spoke to media in a harsh tone against the government.He demanded the government to admit the mistake and demanded the government to announce exgratia to the affected families. He wants health emergency to be declared in Guntur city. Pawan Kalyan’s attack and pointed the TDP leaders indirectly in the press meet. He asked whether the reaction would have taken place in any MLA or government servant’s house. He pleaded the journalists support to such incidents.

pawan kalyan fire on tdp

Pawan has come to the hospital with the statistical data. He said that the central government had spent Rs.908 crores for the maintenance of drainage and drinking water and want the exact allotment of the funds. TDP government is spending the money as they wish. Is this the healthy Andhra Pradesh (Aarogya Andhra Pradesh), the government promised before elections, questions Pawan at the media point.

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