Poor sleep may get you alzheimer’s disease

Have a sound sleep: A new study proved that lack of sleep produces more Alzheimer’s protein amyloid beta than its waste disposed of by our body. Increase in this protein in our body potentially creates a sequence of changes which ends with dementia. Also, sleep disruption leads to the increased chances of getting Alzheimer’s attack. The sleeplessness produces more amyloid beta than the usual.

The scientists conducted experiments on eight people aged between 30 to 60 years with no sleep. The participants were exposed to different scenarios. Each scenario lasted for 36 hours of keen monitoring. The scientists took the fluid surrounding the brain and spinal cord for every two hours to monitor amyloid beta levels. The participants were not allowed to sleep for one day. The levels of the protein were very high when compared with the other normal people. Amyloid beta levels in the sleep-deprived people were 20-30% higher than those with the normal sleep. This study once again proved that the lack of sufficient sleep is the root cause of all the diseases.

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