Raj Kandukuri Expresses Confidence Over Undi Porade success

We are not saying it. But the producer of the movie is highly confident. He is looking to release the film on his own too. In this volatile market that is a daring step.

Dr. Lingeswar is producing the film, Undi Porade in the direction of Navin Nayani and he invited Raj Kandukuri, producer of films like Mental Madhilo, to unveil the trailer of the film, in Hyderabad.

Raj Kandukuri said that the movie is a hundred percent success and he knows Dr. Lingeswar and his penchant to produce content driven films. He said that he liked the trailers, songs and few scenes that team showed him.

Producer praised his director and the young actors who are being introduced with the movie. He said that the movie is highly heart-touching and hence, he wants to release it on his own. Director and lead actors thanked the producer and entire team.

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