Ramaraju’s powerful voice over for Komuram Bheem

Starring Mega Power Star Ram Charan and Young Tiger Jr NTR in the lead roles, RRR has star director SS Rajamouli at the helm. The second teaser of the film featuring Jr NTR was released today. The visuals in this teaser predominantly focus on water element and Alluri Seetharama who is associated with fire element gives a powerful voice over and provides great impetus to the teaser. Previously, Bheem described Alluri Seetharama Raju’s character and the roles have reversed now as Seetharama Raju narrates the chronicle of Bheem.

Rajamouli took great care of the visuals in both the teasers and has been planning promotional campaigns accordingly. Ram Charan’s voice over has received a unanimously positive response from Mega fans and Nandamuri fans alike. The way Ram Charan elevates his brother Komuram Bheem’s character with metaphorical reference using his high pitch voice is a highlight of the teaser.

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