RightMesh is aiming at Blockchain and Mesh Networks

RightMesh for Blockchain

RightMesh, this venture is working on Blockchain to make every transaction accountable. Blockchain enables the secured services. Each and every transaction is recorded in this technology. A group of activities is formed as a block and this block gets attached to other related block forming a chain.Whenever a  transaction is to be traced, it can be done through keys. This is the functioning of Blockchain technology in simpler terms. This is the dream of John Lyotier, the CEO, and co-founder of Rightmesh.

At present, there are many people accessing the services either online or offline. Nearly half of them are not involved in this. RightMesh is for those who are not associated with any banks. The team believes that this is possible with mesh. Redundancy is the key for a mesh network. If the more people are involved in a particular area, the network grows. RightMesh is easy and free to access. They provide data, connectivity, and payment in the form of cryptocurrency. The RightMesh node providers are provided with Etherum wallet and the payment is done in the form RMESH tokens.

Whenever the node providers increase the connectivity and network, they are deposited with tokens. The more you work, the more you earn. RightMesh is building new age customers of cryptocurrency. If the currency gets legalized in the near future, these people will be the biggest players in the space. RMESH uses the phone. RMESH tokens are mined on the devices whenever some accesses he mesh node. This is the best network for India as it is densely populated.

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