TDP coming out of the NDA alliance is good for us

TDP-BJP walked hand-in-hand till the recent times. After brain storming, TDP came out of the NDA alliance. While all the regional parties welcomed the TDP’s move, BJP did not seem to be shocked at all. It is appearing that BJP is well prepared for this, in the past itself. Now BJP is expressing its happiness on this issue. BJP national spokesperson and Telugu leader GVL Narasimha Rao said that TDP exiting the alliance is one of the biggest mistakes comitted by TDP chief. TDP is surrounded by the 2019 election fever.

They are criticizing the central government to reap the benefits in the elections. There is no meaning and truth in Chandra babu’s
words saying that the central government did nothing for Andhra Pradesh. He came to Delhi 29 times and claims that the centre did not respond in a right way. This shows the inability of that person, further added by Narasimha Rao. He claims that this is the right time for BJP to strengthen themselves in Andhra Pradesh. This statement explained the real intentions of BJP.

TDP passed no confidence motion for the political gains. There are no other welfare motives in it, as said by GVL. JDU leader KC Tyagi also responded to this issue. It is unfortunate that TDP exited the NDA alliance. It’s common to have small differences in the alliances. But, NDA has no potential threat becuase of this issue, Tyagi said. New developemnt is that the centre ordered all the Andhra Pradesh BJP leaders to come to Delhi to discuss the issue with Amit Shah, the BJP national leader. BJP AP head Hari babu is already in Delhi.

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