Thailand women found a remedy to save their men

Thailand women

Thailand women Beliefs and superstitions make the people lose their scientific temperament. The beliefs have been ruling the world irrespective of the technological advancements. An incident which took place in a village in Thailand will leave you puzzled. Villagers of Nakhon Phanom,northeast Thailand believed that the men in their village are losing their lives because of the widow’s ghost. They claim that the ghost would kill the men in their sleep by seducing them in their dreams.

As a remedy, the villagers arranged scarecrows all around the village with the male genital organ. Some have kept the boards stating that there are no men in their houses. Some dressed in the women attire wearing all the ornaments while sleeping. The remedy worked like a charm. The village did not see a single death after these arrangements. The villagers did not disturb the setup as the ghost may attack their men at any moment of time.

Studies have been made on the deaths. The rumors spread by Thailand women across the village, when some of the men died in the neighboring villages. To prevent this, the elders in the villagers resorted to these measures to prevent the teenagers in the village from being attacked by the spirit widow. Don’t get scared, when you visit the village after seeing the tall scarecrows. Although the villagers are safe now, the doctors and the believers of the science are strictly opposing this activity. They are arguing that the governments should intervene in such incidents and prove that there is no other sense apart from science.

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