Unemployed youth not willing to be fooled by Chandrababu

He promised moon. But, when it came to delivering on the promises, he proved to be a big disappointment. AP Chief Minister had promised allowance for the unemployed youth in the run up to the 2014 elections. But, completely forgot this after winning the elections. With the 2019 elections round the corner, he hastily started sending some money to the unemployed. Starting from 2014, Chandrababu owes at least Rs 1.20 lakh per unemployed. But, he has paid only Rs 6000 so far. Even a week before the elections, he is trying to put some more money into their accounts.

Now, he is again talking about paying unemployment allowance. He is trying to fool the unemployed. Interestingly, after the last elections, he sanctioned allowances only for very few of the applicants. It is clear that only 3 lakh unemployed youths could get the allowance. Now, he is again talking of jobs being created once he comes back to power. But, the unemployed youth are not ready to be taken in by such promises this time. They know that this is purely an election ploy. They are now ready to teach a fitting lesson to the Chandrababu Naidu.

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