Virginity tests making a big deal in Russia

Virginity test  deals in Russia

In India, Virginity tests issue rose the spark many number of times. Women activists are strictly against this activity. But when we go to Russia, we never happen to come across such situations. Virginity tests have become a very big deal there, in the recent times. At present, the teenage girls are selling their virginity for a higher price. Women who were habituated to luxury life are resorting to these measures.

 Rich men are paying huge amounts to the Virginity tests and enjoying with them. This has become a huge trend these days. Now,e-business entered the scene. Few websites are processing the entire activity of attracting the men. The girls who wants to sell their virginity are placing a quote on the website so that the interested, may contact them. With this huge sum, the parents are buying big apartments in the leading towns.

 Although this is against the ethical practices, the Right to the first night has become rampant these days. Some clubs are showering advertisements that they need virgin girls under 19 years of age. To get recruited, they need to produce doctor certificate. Some of them, are producing the fake certificates and make huge amounts. If a girl found guilty and not having the virginity, the clubs are proceeding with the strict measures. You can check the image below.

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