WhatsApp private reply feature in group chat

In the near future, you can send a private reply to a person in group chat. WhatsApp rolled out the private reply accidentally on Windows phone in v2.17.342 beta upgrade. All the users may get this, once an update is rolled out.

Private reply feature allows people to send private replies without anyone else knowing. These messages will be sent for personal chat. First, it was accidentally rolled out on Windows phone and then re-introduced with the beta version officially. To use this feature, users need to press and hold chat in a group.

The option to reply appears in a pop-down menu. The beta version which was released on windows phones was full of bugs. Sometimes, the private reply option appeared in private chats instead of group chats. However, this bug was removed. WhatsApp windows have an option to switch from voice calls to video calls through Quick switch feature.

This feature will be soon rolled into Android phones. The other coming attractions on WhatsApp include picture-in-picture mode and tap to unlock features. Meanwhile, Facebook-owned WhatsApp has touched one billion daily users mark recently.

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