Why boys are violent and what to do to stop it

Although the scenario is changing, many boys and men don’t know how to express their emotions and they resort to extreme measures like anger and frustration. It doesn’t mean that all the men and boys are responsible for the violent crimes but the majority are men throwing women to the second place. When you consider mass school shootings like Parkland, Columbine and Sandy Hook, all these incidents involve school-age Boys violent but not girls or women. But there are instances where girls are involved in 2015 brutal beating of a girl by her fellow classmates. When we take all these incidents into consideration, it’s the boys who are pulling the trigger but not girls.

There are many views about why these Boys violent and what can we do to stop it? Of course, it is a complicated issue. Psychologist Teodora Pavkovic says that it’s we who have created the difference. We should stop treating girls and boys differently. This is a global issue and not limited to America itself. We never respect boys emotions and treat them like robots. They are made incapable of experiencing a full range of emotions. We have come up with the emotional lines like ’emotions are girly’ and ‘boys don’t cry’ which made the boys lose their emotional quotient.

For stop it

First, we need to tackle our own ideas about gender and we need to self-examine ourselves. We all want to be positive role models.If we want our children to free, we should give them enough space to speak about their feelings with us. The parents should ask them what’s wrong and help them to tackle the issue without any violent means. Be affectionate to your children, if you feel that your children lied to you, don’t take extreme steps rather explain to them that, it was not the right way.

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