Why no party welcoming Ganta?

Is former minister Ganta Srinivasa Rao staring at the end of the road? Are his political options getting increasingly minimised? Has his political career hit a road block? Political watchers say all these might be just true.

Ganta is known as a party hopper and a political opportunist. Political pundits say he is known to switch the constituencies every election as allegations of landgrab and irregularities stalk him in the existing constituency. The analysts say that his entry into the YSRCP would be difficult as the party is yet to forget the way he got the YSRCP activists arrested when they tried to unveil the statue of late YSR at Timmapuram Junction in October 2018. He has also faced severe protests from the YSRCP for making derogatory remarks against YS Jagan.

The YSRCP, which takes a serious view of corruption, is also said to have not reconciled to the allegations of corruption against Ganta. The fact that his PAs and OSDs were raided by the ACB even while he was a minister is also going against him.

Political analysts recall that Ganta’s PA Kranthi Kiran is now an accused in a case of disproportionate assets to a tune of Rs 15 crore. The ACB raided hi on November 6, 2016. Similarly, there were inquiry committees against Ganta’s PSs MRG Naidu and Balaswamy. There are also allegations that he had illegally constructed a guesthouse on a leased land in Bheemili area.

Also, Ganta is said to be facing a case under Section 307, 332 of the IPC in Anakapally in 2009. This is an assault with an intention to murder case. Vizag watchers say that the case was lifted only after the TDP came to power.

In fact, Pawan Kalyan did not allow Ganta Srinivasa Rao into the Jana Sena in the wake of allegations that Ganta and his henchmen had forcibly occupied Dolphins’ Nose Hills and Red Sanddunes. Sources say that even the BJP is not interested in having him in the party. With all the three major parties not willing to take him in, Ganta today has nowhere to go, say political analysts.

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